Why Us???

Gummi Pet Products’ longevity within the Pet Industry is testament to the quality of our products and our shared vision expressed by the team at Gummi Pet products and in the loyalty displayed through cat and dog owners across the planet.

The popularity of our brand was born over 15 years ago when we launched our unique style of collars and leads with a complimentary offering of toys, feeding mat, bowls and travel accessories.

Gummi Pet Products only sources the highest-grade materials for all our products. We give all our customers a 1 year guarantee on all our products,

What make makes our collars stand out from the pack is simply- Durability. From the cafes of inner city living to the rough and tumble of the country side, our collars can withstand it all. The benefit of manufacturing collars in rubber is that they will never fade like nylon and they are 100% waterproof unlike leather. So, your dog can swim all it likes in one of our collars at the beach, river or pool. Or if your dog isn’t a swimmer but a mud lover, the collars are so easy to wash and whoosh…. back to their original condition…

We really do love animals, we at Gummi Pet Products donated to a number of Animal Charities, and Rescue organisations. We humans share this incredible planet with our animal brethren and we believe all animals have the basic rights to be happy, healthy and well protected.

We hope you join in the Gummi Pet Products experience and enjoy using our products as much as well enjoy bringing our range to you.