Stud Purple Dog Collar from

Some may love heavy metal, but the Stud Purple collar is no light weight. We have attached metal dome studs to this collar to give it a polished look.

As always the collar is made from a non toxic rubber and has a lanyard backing for extra comfort,

The collar is water proof and so easy to wash.

Size Chart

XLarge   55-65cms long x 3.5cms wide/ 3 rows of Studs
Large      45-55cms long x 3.0cms wide/ 3 rows of Studs 
Medium  35-45cms long x 2.5cms wide/ 2 rows of Studs  
Small      27-35cms long x 2.0cms wide/ 2 rows of Studs   
Puppy     25-30cms long x 2.0cms wide/ 2 rows of Studs    
XSmall   20-25cms long x 1.3cms wide/1 row of Studs       

Collar Sizing